Runoff into Street

Hey guys, I am curious what you do with runoff going into the street when pressure washing driveways. I’ve read that its illegal for anything to runoff and enter the storm drain. Just curious what tips and tricks can be done to prevent this or is it inevitable? Thanks for the replies and help!

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I typically stop at Costco before the job and get a TON of paper towels and line them up to soak up the run off. 70% of the time it works every time.

But other than that, I use the search bar and do a little research from previous posts. There are a lot about run off mitigation.


SamsClub has a pallet deal you should check out…

@mwpws Sams Club had a pallet deal you should check out…

It’s unavoidable if your washing a driveway.

Depends where you work I suppose. Iowa or Kalifornia?

Missouri is where i’m located

I seriously doubt MO has enforceable laws for washing concrete, but maybe some other guys can confirm.

I bet Missouri would welcome a little SH in their storm drains

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Don’t be telling people about my black panther cologne!

Reclaim system.

Most just let it runoff.
You should be fine.

No no no