Runoff in pool

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We haven’t done much flatwork yet, how would one go about cleaning concrete around pool without all the dirty water and chemical going into the pool?

Also, roughly how long should this take with a 15 inch surface cleaner at 4 gpm 4000 psi and maybe sh pretreat?


It’s gonna go in the pool. Whenever I do flat work directly surrounding a pool i won’t use chemicals unless it’s SH (which pools use already), but I manage my client’s expectations by letting them know that water from powerwashing will absolutely go in the pool. Never had a client have a problem with it since the filter/skimmer will clean any small debris out.


Ditto, I inform them the dirt is going in the water no matter what I do and they just tell me the filter will get it out.

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In the conversation, I try to find out when the pool boy does his service or if they do it themselves. If a poll boy is used, then I try to schedule the day before his normal service day so that he can adjust PH level as needed or if the homeowner does their own care, instruct them to check it after I am done. Even though the pool already has SH in it, adding more can throw off the PH level and cause problems if not corrected.


I agree with the above comment. If you plan to use SH, or really anything, just let them know some dirty water will go into the pool but the pool should filter that out. Also that you recommend that they or the pool guy check and adjust the PH level of the water as it might change slightly after cleaning.

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Great idea