Running a bypass line to tank from internal bypass unloader

Is it possible to run a bypass hose from your unloader to a tank if your unloader has an internal bypass? My machine is direct drive 4gpm 4500 psi and I want to get a tank for that purpose only not to feed my pump. I want to protect the pump when I’m not pulling the trigger. Any advice would be a big help. Thanks!

So, what exactly is going to happen when that talk fills up in a couple of minutes? That’s really not how it works.


Ohh, boy. IBS is right.

I would replace the pump with a 5.5gpm gear drive Udor. This will solve all your problems, and greatly improve the efficiency and reliability of your rig.

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In all fairness, he spent almost 2 minutes researching before he asked. That’s more than most


I have a 100 gallon buffer tank laying around I can use and planned on just dumping it through the plumbing when/if it gets too full. I dont plan to lay off the trigger all that much anyway since jobs are pretty small. Just wanted to know if it can be done. But thanks for the comments?

It can get a bit harsh for newbies around here sometimes. But just imagine your reaction if someone walked up to you and asked something like, “Can I put diesel in my Prius? And will that give me better mileage, since diesels get better fuel efficiency?”

It might be hard to resist poking just a bit of fun at their ignorance, or at least having a bewildered expression. Doesn’t make it the right thing to do, but it’s human nature


Yes, very helpful community. Apparently everyone was born with this knowledge except I. I googled this topic and searched on here with no luck. Thanks for the help.

Nice try. You have 18 minutes of read time. That’s not much searching. No one was born with the knowledge but quite a few have applied them selves and actually looked for the answers. If you are just going to dump the tank when it is full, why direct the water there in the first place? If you have a tank, get a decent pump like the one mentioned and set up your system correctly.


To be fair, many people will search and read on a forum for awhile before signing up. I do that for most other forums (mostly car or snow removal related), and usually find my answer before ever needing to register and ask the question.

But @Clint1, no need for the defensiveness. The answers might not have been presented in the way you would have liked, but no one has held back their knowledge just because you’re a newbie. People are very sharing on here. But oftentimes it can have a short or sarcastic tone. Take the good with the bad, thank people for their help, and keep the negative thoughts to yourself (or better yet, learn to banish them and adopt a more positive outlook)

Btw, we all go through a little hazing when first getting acquainted with the community here. Well, except for IBS. He’s been power washing since sometime before the lightbulb was invented…


I was talking about all the time I spent searching online before joining this group (as a last resort) and did a few quick searches on here before posting a question. And my pump is fine. Would I like a larger one? Of course, who wouldn’t? Are you gonna pay for it? That’s a great suggestion though. Thanks for stopping by to add that. To answer your question, since I already have a tank I was going to run the water there and dump it just to save my pump when not pulling the trigger (Since I have the pump and the tank why not?) I just wanted to know if it can be done with an internal bypass. Hazing? Wouldn’t it make sense just to answer the question if you can and if not then don’t reply at all? Who has so much free time they can scan forums and “haze” newbies? As I understand it since I have an AR RRV tri-plex pump I could gravity feed it with the tank if its elevated above the pump inlet and meet a few more specs but really just wanted to use it as a fill tank until I do upgrade pumps.

No, it cannot.

“Hazing” was a poor word choice, but the closest thing I could come up with.

It’s inevitable that new guys are going to ask some dumb/silly/obvious questions (from the seasoned vets’ perspectives). I asked several myself when starting out. You should look at my post history starting from earliest posts. I got a number of snarky/sarcastic answers. But I took what I could from it, gave everyone the benefit of the doubt that they wanted to be helpful but couldn’t help the way they came across, and kept my other thoughts to myself.

This is nothing compared to the attitude you’d get if you showed up on a typical construction site with limited knowledge, and started asking very basic questions.


And on a completely different note. Your JIC has made it from a bin in the shop, to a work truck, to the front seat of my truck. It may see a post office tomorrow:)