Rubber mounting feet

I’ve seen a couple guys in the past ask about the rubber feet for keeping your skids from rattling. Found these for guitar amplifiers on Amazon. Has a metal washer molded in you can drill out to make it wider.

$5.02 on Amazon for 8. Needed some for @Trp5925 8 gpm skid and usually find them for $5/piece.


Link plz


Don’t forget the finishing touch to your trailer build… thanks to the the best named pressure washing company ever. @Alabama

I just ordered mine this week lol…still not nearly as awsome as the dirty money though :sweat:

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Lol. After I built it and realized I had to make a heat baffle between the 8gpm muffler and my diesel tank for the burner I knew I needed to add some sauce to it. :rofl::fire:. The lights make it look like a space ship riding down the road at night.

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I would love to do those lights, but I am home every night after dark :expressionless:


I live on a pretty busy corner and my trailer is near the road…I’m going to advertise at night lol

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Lol I am also a fan of the dirty money trailer.

Has anyone just used 2 12x12 rubber mats under their equipment?

Thanks for sharing. I will be ordering some.

Yes. Just cut 4 inch squares and put them under the feet. I used an old horse stall mat to cut pieces from for years

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What the heck it is “the dirty money”?

When you build something badass you must name it. :joy::+1:t3:


lol…love it!