Rough Cut Pine Staining Advice

I’m going to be finishing up a barn at my house in the next couple weeks and wanted to get some advice from any wood gurus on staining. The boards are rough cut yellow pine and I’m wanting to apply a high quality stain that will preserve the natural color if possible.

Need at minimum a colored penetrating oil based transparent stain in my opinion. Wood Defender or Stain & Seal Experts is my top 2 choices. Clear sealer will still allow it to turn gray

I use Wood Defender all the time, easy to use and reapply. “Clear” will not only turn gray, you’ll be re-staining every 12-18 mo. Pigment is the primary UV protection. Harvest Brown is a great color and the lightest of the transparent stains. It has a little red in it (all brown does) and will create great accents. They will guarantee it for 2 yrs on new wood. Did I mention you can apply it with a pump up sprayer and get great results? You cannot put on too much but you can put on too little. Too little will be somewhat blotchy, too much will just run off. Good luck, nice looking barn.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t think we could keep that color but my wife was sure
hoping we could.

I second the penetrating oil and the need for some pigment. I like the Ready Seal. Very user friendly