Rookie Roof Cleaning Question


I did my first roof a couple of weeks ago and thanks to the info here it went great. My question is besides appearance what it the benefit to the customer? Does the mold degrade the shingles? That would be my guess but I’m looking for a source document. Thanks


Every roof cleaner will tell you it saves the shingles, lowers the power bill, saves the health of the homeowner etc. That’s hooey. It just makes the roof look better


The mold itself not particularly bad except for looks but I’ve rarely seen one that had much mold that didn’t have lichen. The lichen roots actually eats into the shingles. Over time can do significant damage.


Ok, selling it as an aesthetic service that can prevent lichen development is severe cases. Thanks Gents.


So far ive noticed that when the black mold gets thick enough it does retain moisture for longer on the shingle which isnt necessarily good when shingle cannot properly and evenly dry out. Outside of that geoclapsa magma is relatively harmless itself besides aesthetics. Lichens can kind of root under the front edges of shingles in search of more water which could contribute to degrading the adhesive and prematurely void warranty…and if a claim is made with insurance and the adjuster comes out lichens and moss could lead to a denial on a claim. I almost had that happen on a home i had when i lived in atlanta years ago, the adjuster kindly worked with me. Thats my experience thus far anyway but im still new around here compared to allot of others.