Roofing tar on concrete

 Any tips or suggestions on how to remove roofing tar on concrete? I searched this and there was a thread a while back about this but it was specks of tar on vinyl. WD-40 was suggested and it does work for small areas and specks as I've used it to remove road tar from my car. This however is like maybe size 13 footprints of tar!!! Thx in advance


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Thanks @Chesebro I’ll check into it. Where can it be purchased?

Home Depot

Great! Thanks again

TSP should do it as it’s basically oil.

Scrape off what you can. WET it and sprinkle it on.

You’ll have to leave it for a good 20 minutes, agitating with a stiff brush will help.

Wash it away and repeat if you need to.

Post some pics here of before and after!

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Thanks @anon26752184. I will post pics in about a month when the weather breaks here. 0 degrees tonight here with the wind chill. I will let you know the outcome, Thanks

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