Roof with dormers question

I plan on doing this roof from the ground and ladder
Any best practices for keeping the mix off the dormer siding? Using aodd pump. This

is my 3rd roof I don’t think this one is walkable for me anyway. Any avice appreciated.


What’s the dormers substrate? Vinyl, stucco, hardi, etc? Anything painted you should be extra cautious on. You could always tape it off but I don’t. I’ll spray the roof and try to minimize any over spray, but enevitably you’ll have some. I use a pump up with water to rinse dormers within a minute or two of contact.

Take a second look at vinyl. I’ve ran into a few that were vinyl but painted a different color.

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This is all vinyl. Yeah maybe a latter and I have a small backpack sprayer I can immediately rinse the vinyl. That may work thanks.

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Looks similar to one I have coming up.

@316 your screen name has me curious, you in Wichita?

Kinda makes me want to start roof washing. We have thousands of black streaked roofs here. God knows though I have enough on my plate with my other services.:flushed:

Nope, Delaware

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Personally I’d rather do a roof job for the money.

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That should pay well, the one I have Tuesday is 2600sq foot with the garage. Yours looks 4k

Vinyl siding, don’t worry about it. If they’re dirty, spray them too, that way you won’t have clean spots, generally if it’s wood painted or stained, I prewet the siding and just try not to get much on them, rinse them fairly quickly. But vinyl, no worries, spray away.


That’ll be a nice one, big but easy. $$$$

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Not sure on walkability but looks like a money maker to me. In fact, looks like a nice easy afternoon to wrap up a good day. I wouldn’t worry if its vinyl. I’d spray all over it and just be sure not to let anything dry. Collect check. Go drink beer and laugh with friends. What a life we live.

Thanks, cant wait to do this one. Using it for before and after pics.

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Prewet, spray about 6 inchs away from them and the splash will cover the other 6 inchs. Rinse after mix has had time to clean. Ive tried spraying above it and letting it run down but i doesnt get mix where you need it unless you have a heavy flow. It just kind of goes to where you have already wet it.

I don’t know your process but I invested in a 3m respirator when getting close to the roof. It helps with the short term and long term health. Getting a few good whiff of that stuff and it will have you on your knees. Trust me I know. That was the last time I went without a respirator. Home Depot carry’s them.

I use Respirator
The filters aren’t the best but you can mod it to accept any filter via you tube.
Can’t get a good seal with a beard with regular mask also I don’t use the nose piece I just mouth breath while spraying.