Roof washing from ground

How many of you, for example, are able to Softwash Roofs without ever leaving the ground? I have been practicing at my parents house. Their house is 1 story. I find it very hard to spray their roof, without leaving the ground, while still being able to control chemical runoff.

My biggest challenge has been learning to control runoff. I currently use Southeast Softwash Southern Slang.

I am going to wash a friends roof next week. He is paying for the chemical. His roof is 2,700 sq ft. I am not charging for my time since he is allowing me to use his property as practice.

Most of the time that’s a bad idea. You’re going to get a lot of over spray and potentially harm plants and flowers and cover the neighbors windows. Just get a ladder and work from the gutter line. What set up do you have for roof washes?


Gutter line. Use a ladder stabilizer, something like ladder max that I also use, and you can see where you spray and control the flow.

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I agree with you. I’m not too concerned with ladders and roofs. I am considering eventually buying a harness and system to tie off for fall restraint. I am currently using a 5.5 gpm 12v everflow pump.

If you ever plan on ‘walking’ roofs, be sure your insurance company covers that. Mine flatly stated it would be considerably more money if I did.

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