Roof washing and gain dish soap

I am gonna wash my cousin’s roof and she is going to buy the chemicals. The roof is extremely steep but I can easily spray it from a step ladder. I see some postings about gain dish soap working well and we agreed to give it a try. How much gain should I put in per gallon of roof mix?

1 gallon gain to one gallon bleach


Bonus the whole neighborhood will smell good. I love the smell of gain


Just be sure and use the new scent blast gain

I didn’t even know that existed definitely going to look next time.

Buy the right stuff. Hacks use Dawn & Gain. But I’m assuming by your name you’re a professional or trying to be.


In all seriousness don’t use gain. use a soap designed for roofs whether it be cling on, snotmenade, dragon grip, etc. They’re designed to give you the least amount of run off.

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Well if the joke is over just get slo mo it’s the best stuff on the market


Green gain is terrible. Just look what it did to my roof.


We’re do you get this elusive slomo ? I’ve never heard of it until you came along, which is a good thing. :+1:,meaning you coming on board. :joy: …didn’t want ya to take that the wrong way


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I thought Clingon was the improved version of SloMo? :grin:

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I wish they would sell some truck washing gear … There products and service are Awesome

To each their own. My opinion remains the same.

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This is for a family member. Also would gain laundry soap work?

How do you like dragon grip compared to the other two you mentioned?

It’s not bad. I really like the cherry snotmenade but the dragon grip seems to have more cling.

I’ve been using cherry snotmenade too. Love that stuff. Tried secret agent too but prefer snotmenade.

Do you like your family ? Do you really wanna buy the same chemicals you can get at dollar general ?