Roof wash puzzle

How would you guys suggest getting to those front dormer shingles? The dormers block each other from the sides and I can’t get high enough to spray down. Roof is too steep to walk. Need to get creative. Suggestions?

Use a ladder and spray from gutters. Move the ladder to get all the sides.

Dormers block each other. Not accessible from the gutter line unfortunately. A little more creative :laughing:

My 28’ ladder only goes one rung last the gutter line if that gives you any reference.

His suggestion is valid and works. Shoot above the dormers from the gutter line. Whatever system you’re using should shoot 20ft so it’s not an issue. Like you’re raining it down on top of the dormers.

Not a bad idea. Only problem is I’d be shooting 25’ above the dormer, trying to aim in such a way that it lands on the dormer roofing. Doable, but a pain. Kinda wish I had that GOAT ladder thing that hooks to the ridge and can climb up it.

If you need that tool then order one. Keep it in your arsenal incase things like this happen again.

@garry.cooper does roofs daily and I’m sure has a suggestion. He might see this and comment

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I ended up filling water balloons with a 6% mix and just a touch of roof snot. Lobbed them up on them dormers. Nothin to it.

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I use an AODD and I can control my stream so it wouldn’t be that high above. I see why it would be harder but still doable.

One day I’ll step up to a better roof wash system but for now my 12v system is getting me by. I’ve cleaned a couple hundred roofs and only had to replace the pump once. Do you have a link to the system you use?

With this

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Use a 32’ ladder to get above the gutter line.


If you have access to another ladder, 32’ possibly, you could use one of the ladder stabilizer attachments and actually lean it on the roof in the event that it’s steep enough. I personally use a Ridge Pro. It’s expensive at 400 bucks, but it’s my preferred method of getting onto a steep roof. Having a rope I can swing back and forth with really helps instead of being attached to a ladder on the roof.

:joy: this is nice!

Our typical roof here. Just as most suggested. Just turn your valve down on gun and let it rain down on them, usually about a medium spray pattern and use on/off valve to adjust distance. Works every time. The only problem is if dormers close together, may get a little mix on yourself, even with a slight breeze. But that’s why they pay us the big bucks.


Yup, no reason to get on the peak to clean those dormers.


I really like the ridge pro. Less bulky than the goat. And it can be mounted to the roof with screws. Looks pretty easy to use. Thanks for the recommendation!

True enough sir! Thank you for the tips.

Wow this is awesome. I may attempt this over the winter. Thanks man.

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I don’t do roofs, but my suggestion was going to be two ladders and a plank. Siding guys do it all the time, so do roofing and painting and etc…

Or the incredibly cool way would be to rappel down from a helicopter and spray those while holding onto the rappel and the helicopter moving around so you can spray each one. I don’t know what the cost for that would be but the upcharge would have to be a least treefiddy. :smile:

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