Roof Treatments/Oil

Upsold my first oil treatment on a roof and I find out RoofMaxx wants 15k+ to become a dealer…Does RoofMax have a patent on the oil or is there other options? Appreciate any help!

I’ve never even heard of an oil treatment for a roof.

I looked into some YouTube videos a while back. One of the dealer videos turned me off. The guy basically folds the shingle in half before the treatment cracking the shingle @ :06. Then after the treatment just kinda bends it @ :33. The video implies that it’s the same test imo and it’s not an honest one. I’m interested but skeptical.

I think that BBB link is for a roofing company. RoofMax vs RoofMaxx.

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So you upsold something you have no idea about? Why would anyone do that.

I think you should just be honest with the customer and tell them you can’t do it.


They probably mow grass and other stuff also.


over 100 roof cleanings and this is the first to want treatment…I had pricing on the oil over a year ago but the comapny switched to franchisng/dealers…
its not rocket science

If it’s not rocket science then you should be able to figure this one out on your own, right?

just looking for other options to purchase the oil but im sure I could go without your help for sure hahha

yea man its a soybean derived oil that they say rehydrates shingle to help with contraction and expansion

looks to be an actual roofing company

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you were just an infant on this forum. My mistake. Had I known, I would’ve brought out the kiddie gloves so as not to hurt your delicate feelings. My sincerest apologies.


Not a problem jouneyman thread derailer. I accept your sincere apology

This is not real.

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He missed a spot

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Yeah dude the first time he bent it all the way back and broke it. Second time barely went more than 90 degrees so it wouldn’t break again. Looks like snake oil!

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yea he def didnt bend it back as much. I do find cleaning them dries them out so I could see the shingles being brittle and oil helping

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They have been pushing franchises around here hard for a while now.
The guy finally cracked on FB and said the cost . $1 sqft . Lol never gonna happen.
Mainly because there is no need for it . Just more snake oil.
They may claim additional 10-15 years out of your roof but that doesn’t matter especially to your home owners insurance.
A 20 year roof needs to be replaced before it hits 20 years old or your insurance will drop you . No snake oil can change that.

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100% man when I got quotes from a few roof maxx dealers it added up to be 50% of a new roof…:upside_down_face: