Roof snot ratio

I have a 12/12 pitch roof coming up… I’m wondering how much roof snot should I use for say, each 10 gallons of mix needed.


Try 1 oz to 1.25 ozs per gal of mix for that pitch roof. Our normal mix is .75 ozs of fresh wash per gal. Then we add roof snot to it for steeper roofs.

how much in advance do you mix your batch so it’s stirred up before you get to the job ?

I mix it on site.

We mix the sh and water when we get back in the day before. Than added the surfactant in the mornining before we leave. We also mix during the day when we empty the tank.

what is the most effective way to mix the chems without over foaming.

You mean in your DS Tank or on the surface you are cleaning?

Ds tank

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With the roof snot does everyone rinse roof after or just leave and let rain take care of it? We used to rinse every roof now have gotten away from rinsing and leaving to dwell with excellent results. Haven’t tried roof snot yet but have a steep roof coming up and thinking of trying it.

Roof snot is made to cling to the surface. I never rinsed a roof but I imagine it would be time consuming.

Yes it is glad we got away from it

Just ordered some going to try it out