Roof snot foam

I’m completed my 5th roof, it was the first using roof snot. I used 64 oz for 100 gallons(4%mix) when I used the jrod fan spray it seemed to hit the shingles an foam some, great coverage. When I used the straight stream from the ground to the peak not so much seemed like just using Elemonator not much in the way of suds.
I saw some videos where guys are shooting RS and it looks like foam shooting from the nozzle like its sucking air from a hole (creating foam) in the fitting somewhere. It appears you can get much better coverage and it stays put better that way.
What I have now works. just looking to improve. Any advice?

Looking fwd to the replies myself.

More snot = more foam. A few more tanks and the problem will fix its self. I find that after about 10 tanks ours gets too foamy and I have to rinse out the tank before making a new batch. I normally use 45 ounces for 65 gallons, and 4-8 ounces of lemon scent. If I’m useing roof goo I only need half that but the same for lemon.