Roof shingle scuffs. Oxidized siding

So this roofing company had some shingles drop on the siding. The siding is oxidized not the worst I’ve ever seen. I think degreaser would take up the scuff marks but then there will be spots that oxidation has been lifted from the surface. It’s random spots all over the house so it would be intensive. Do we need to lift the oxidation after or before? Just need to make sure process is correct. Haven’t done any test spots yet. Also looks like they tried to clean it already or hired a monkey to wash the house previous…

Don’t make someone else’s problem your problem. Let the owner know what you can/can’t do. Show them the results of the tests, set expectations, and charge accordingly.

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I get that im just trying to figure out if I need to lift the oxidation first. Then go in and hit the marks with some degreaser. If I just went and hit all the random spots that scuffed up the siding it would look like random clean non-oxidized blobs everywhere.

If the customer is willing to pay for the oxidation removal it would be the last thing I would do. Remove the staining, remove the organics, remove the oxidation.


Ok that’s what I was thinking as far as order. Thanks man. Definitely gonna be a lot of ladder work on a decent slope so gonna make it worth the time for sure.

Walk away….tell them to call the contractor that caused it. I do it often….I don’t have time to deal with someone’s poor workmanship. Much success either way.

That’s who called me was the roofing company.

My bad, didn’t realize that in your post….went over my head I guess, :joy:. I’d still walk away……those one offs don’t appear to me personally. Don’t feel we do enough of that type of job to be efficient. Too much easy work out there……either way it will be time consuming, so price accordingly.

I could see why you thought the customer asked and not the roofers. But as far as easy we wanna know how to do the hard stuff. Separates us from everyone else. Hard jobs don’t scare me or labor intensive. Messing up property does scare me. This is a good opportunity for that reason. But if we take it it will be high ticket for many reasons.

I get it……you can make your company stand out too if it don’t turn out as planned…from 30 years in business things don’t always turn out the way you think it will, especially early in your business journey. I told myself early on, I will do great at what majority people are asking for or need done more often….outside of that, no go. I’ve seen and consulted on too many big mistakes from “professional pressure washers” trying to tackle one offs….a washer on here says you make more walking away…I believe it on one offs. That’s just my personal opinion, just a business model that’s worked for us. Just make sure you have everything in writing and all parties understand what they’re getting into. I don’t think I’d be comfortable going through a roofing contractor only though….he doesn’t own the property. If it doesn’t turn out as expected, the homeowner could come after you. Much success either way….like your grit to want to do it for sure.

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Everything about it makes me want to run. The roofing company is a friend but it is a tough position for sure. Much to think about. With our name on the job we are trying to think of everything. Thanks for the help. You’ve given a good prospective!!

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Degreaser not acid nor scrubbing with both took scuff from shingle off. Was recommended goof off built manufacturer. We shall see. All testing to make sure it works in small spots and with permission from home owner and roofer. The clod company is reputable so I know they want it done right. They also understand the problem it will create. My question is will goof off work and will it remove oxidation. I imagine it will if scrubbing is involved.