Roof Overspray on neighbors siding

Although we have washed relatively many homes this was one of our first roof washings, i had a man on the ground rinsing the whole time and checking for overspray. The neighbor’s house was so close though! Is this roof mix overspray? About 3’x6’ area. If so what is the safest way to remove it? I saw on other posts re-applyover and rinse? Is there a better way?

Thanks a lot. I’m hoping it’s a random stain that was already there?

That orangeish/brownish almost looks like the run off after you’ve spray the bleach on the roof. Maybe some of that splashed on the neighbor’s house. I’d just do a regular house wash on their house.

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Did the neighbor complain?? I’ve never seen a stain like that from roof cleaning I’m sure it wasn’t you


No i wanted to make sure it was from us first before going to see him and tell him he just won a free housewash. Also if it was from us, to know how to remove it so i already have the solution at hand.

On our customer’s house we washed the house and washed the roof. Was almost impossible to keep overspray from the neighbor’s but we told him beforehand that was likely to happen and that we would have to rinse on their side a little.

If it was near a deck or fence, the stain would be more explainable. Between two houses with a narrow gap, it’s harder to explain away.

It looks like it could be dried SH. If it is, it should be an easy fix. If it isn’t dried SH, then a house wash won’t fix it. Washing one side won’t take that long. Or you could try hitting a small area with a pump sprayer of house mix, and see what it does.