Roof Mix


I tried the pool shock in a 30/60 ratio with a 1 gallon pump sprayer to try and get rid of the moss on the north side of my roof here in Oregon. Used a liquid dish soap as a surfactant. Was a bit of up and down the ladder with the 1 gallon sprayer, steep roof too. But, it didn’t even faze the moss one bit. Pool shock ate up the O rings in the sprayer, not sure why didn’t kill the moss. Could you give me a simple ratio in measurements, oz to water, for a 1 gal. container and I will try it again. Should I have gone stronger?


Go 50/50. It will turn white, leave it. It will take a few weeks to fully die and go away


Did it have sodium hydrochlorite in it? Some shocks dont


Pool shock is usually 10% SH.

Generic bleach = 3-4%

Clorox regular = 6.25%

Clorox outdoor = 8.25%

Wal-Mart Pool Shock = 10%

That are the % here in NC.

Stephen1, go to a pool place and get some from them. Should be 12.5%.


Thank you, I thought that it may have been to weak of a solution.


Yes, it does have 10% sodium hydrochlorite. Brand name is Pool Essentials (liquid in gal. container) Think I didn’t make it strong enough.


Thank you…will do.


You can not down stream a roof wash. What I use is a 12vt 7 gal per min. pump. My mix for asphalt shingles is usually 50\50. Using 12.5% SH and water mixed in a 55 gal barrel applied directly to the roof via the pump drawing mix straight from the barrel. There is a learning curb with this so be patient and lean more on the side of caution. You can try a lighter mix of 40% SH to 60% water and starting out on your own house is a good place to start. I would suggest if you have never tried this before to ask a lot more questions, watch as many videos as you can find and read all you can for a while to learn all you can. SH at this ratio can do some serious damage to your house, plants, grass, vehicles and much more if you do not take the necessary precautions. With that first being said. Good luck.


What class size of deep cycle battery must be used, with my demand pump for cleaning roofs.

Thanks in advance


Bigger is better but any will work. The bigger class battery isn’t any stronger in this use it will just last longer on a charge. It’s not like a car cranking amps don’t matter