Roof Mix

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I wanted to follow up with you and see how that job went? I’m new to roof cleaning as well, and have only done a few simple roofs so far. For you SH, its way better to buy it by the drum, it seems like a lot but you’ll go through it pretty quick. I’m buying mine right now from a janitorial supply company in Portland, or for $135 for 55 gal.


I used to put my special design product XTP on roofs when done. SH N lavender was all it was. Great results


Rule of thumb is 3 parts water 1 part SH, however, this is vague. Your mixis extremely important, to weak and you’ll have to apply more and spend more time rinsing (especially cob webs), and too strong and you could damage plant’s, grass, and even oxidize paint. We buy “12.5” % SH and use a 3% mix on roofs, 2% on siding, 2.5% on Brick an porous surfaces. Any lower then that and you’ll have issues. Make sure to do your math correctly and more is always better. If your bad at math, get a 100 Gallon tank : ). Also, don’t give the SH manufacturers credit, always do your measurements 1% under the advertised percentage, so 12.5% would at best be 11.5% or 11%. Good Luck!


I dont understand your math, please explain how you get your numbers


This thread should help to clear it up.


Thanks but I wanted to hear what this other guy has to say about ratios.

2% to siding is very hot and 3% to a roof is not going to clean anything on a roof


You guys must have some nasty stuff on roofs up there in the northern states. 10 gallons of 12.5% , 40 water and 32oz of greenwash cleans about half of the roofs we do. We bump it up to 15 gallons if they’re really bad. But the bleach we’re getting may be hotter than advertised. We’ve got a great supplier.

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3% won’t work on most roofs up here. 6% all day or risk spraying twice, other thing is regular cleaning isn’t common up here.


These days I’ve been doing 50/50. One light spray and be done with it. I’m tired of reapplying on every roof. I just spend a little more time rinsing.


With that 50/50 are you getting any discoloration on composite shingles?


The only I get is amazing results!


Hey guys, I’m newly self-employed in the wash industry, but I’ve got three years under my belt roof washing and house washing with a small company. I just got my trailer setup with a four gallons per minute machine, general pump reel with 200 feet of gray hose… I just got my Roof wash equipment in, Fatboy pump, clear poly braided hose 200 feet, all my wands and spray nozzles including a couple of 4 bangers. The only Tanks I have right now is a 65 gallon leg tank. I’m trying to get a good starting recipe for roof wash and house wash in my 65 gallon tank, I know there’s a lot of variables involved but just a starting point for me would be great regarding how much Sh versus water in my 65 gallon tank, I don’t know about soaps or anything like that but I was advised to pick up roof snot… I have a 5 gallon bucket. Thanks for any info you can give me


So question…is down streaming SH not effective enough to clean a roof? More specifically, my roof. It’s about a 1500 sqft shingle roof. Currently, I’m only running out of a 5 gal bucket with 10% SH. What kind of mixture will I be looking at, if it’s even possible.


Iv read lots of post saying it won’t work bc ur mix will not be strong enough. If u wanna do roofs must ppl use a 12v 5.5gpm - 7gpm pump with around a 55 or 65 gal mix tank. U can find lots of this info if u search roof washing. I know this bc I have been thinking of doing roofs next yr and have been reading and doing my own Lil cheat sheet for mix with 10% sh. I can’t help u with a lot of the equipment stuff bc I’m learning myself


And here’s my Lil cheat sheet I made myself


Thank you for your take. I appreciate the insight versus other people getting ticked saying, “search search search,” rather than just providing a simple yes or no with a brief description. Btw, our cheat sheet looks pretty good.


Ur welcome… U still need to search though u can find just about every answer u need. When u find a thread with the topic scroll up and down u can also find things u can bookmark to come back to. I had to go in like 3 threads to find just one answer.


Laziness and lack of initiative do not suit s business owner. Every thing you needed to know can be found in 5 minutes of searching. That info is provided by guys who have spent countless hours experimenting, messing up and and starting over until they figured it out. Then, without fail, sone new guy comes along, who will probably be or of businessesin a year, and gets offended when told to search. If this isn’t you, great. If it does describe you, who has spent 1 hour reading posts on this forum, I would suggest you quit typing and start reading. Or better yet, go practice your trade on you own roof ans experiment. Get mad or start learning. Options are yours and your personal character will dictate the choice.


I think you misunderstand…I am not offended by being told the search…As I am not in the market for purchasing softwash equipment, I felt that a simple yes or no for my initial question was enough as of course, time wasted being inefficient. So I will apologize for sounding “lazy” for asking a question when, after searching, could not get a conclusive answer as to the WHY. As I’m sure most of you would agree, sometimes a “yes/no” is not enough, but instead want to know “why”. So again, my apologies for not seeming as if there is enough initiative behind my questions. And also, I will apologize for the seemingly and equally a-hole remark in my previous post.