Roof mix on elastomeric

Painter wants me to wash this old house for a new paint job. Question I have is they have a front porch roof that has Elastomeric ( the white roof sealant) he says its 3 years old and is 50% black. Anyone use roof mix on that kind of sealant?

What’s your location?

I would inspect it first and make sure there no cracks or bubbles. If there are I would politely decline and run away. If not I would hit it with medium strength roof mix.

Delaware. It appears to be in great shape just has black roof mold. I’ll probably test a small area first. I just picked up a Flowzone backpack sprayer be a good excuse to use it

Backpack sprayer + roof mix = really bad idea


Any chems in a backpack sprayer is not a good idea.
Chemical burns and small explosions can and will happen…

Ive done a ton of them. You can go 50/50 with light pressure. Just make sure you keep wetting the plants and ground

I had a Hudson backpack I’ve sprayed dozens of small jobs with it, worked awesome.
I just rinse it when done. I also removed the stainless screen in the tank.
Got curious opened it up to change the battery from sealed lead acid to lithium, tightened the bolts back to tight caused a hole in the tank.

Do you have video of Xjetting roofs? Thanks

Then that one time you have a leak and you get a chemical burn on your backside and can’t sit for weeks you will understand why… there’s a reason why not a single professional used a backpack sprayer… I learned that when I first started as I thought it was a good idea too… wrong.

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I agree with you, risk vs reward. I am aware that it could leak but some instances its easier than setting up my roof rig for just a few gallons 10-20 foot of sidewalk and the like. (point taken). Ill post some before and after next week.

There is no reward with that stupid risk. Plus how much roof mix are you holding in that backpack anyways? 5 gallons? Bet you have to get off the ladder and refill that thing multiple times during a job. Just get a dedicated pump set up with a hose and you’ll be in and out in no time without the risk of burning yourself. It’s a no-brainer. Going cheap, cutting corners, and acting a fool won’t get you anywhere in this line of work

I use a My4Sons “backpack” battery sprayer. It also came with a 12’ braided hose. I threw the backpack straps away and set it on the ground. There is a place for battery sprayers, especially with the 11’ telescoping wand. Should clarify that the problem isn’t a battery sprayer it’s putting on yourself that could hurt.

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No doubt 4 gallons on your back, up a ladder is crazy. I don’t attempt full roof jobs with it as some would surmise. I have a nice roof rig setup (AODD) pump for that. The occasional small shed sidewalk have you, it works great. Also I remove the cover on the pump housing checking the connections. They use the same type 12v pump for soft washing, just smaller.
The connection prone to fail most likely is the bulkhead (tank to hose) for the same reason SH tanks leak with bulkhead fittings. Rinsing after use a must. My4sons is a great one. I went flowzone variable pressure they also use a drill type battery that snaps in and a pressure washer gun all quick connects.

One other thing I really like about having option to use a battery powered sprayer over my 12 V pump set up is when I have to spray roof areas that have sensitive materials below them. A perfect example was last week when there was a roof that went right over a very nice Ipe wood deck. If even the smallest amount of roof mix got on there it would discolor it, even with wetting it down first. One of the attachments at the end of my extension wand on the battery sprayer produces a very fine and controlled mist. I use it to apply just enough solution to do its job on the last few feet of the roof and have absolutely no runoff. Some would argue that you can just tarp the wood off but the problem with that is when you go to take the tarp off the wood if there’s a decent amount of overspray on it it could roll off and land on the wood anyway. Of course for anything over a few hundred square feet I will go right to my 12 V for Efficiency but honestly it doesn’t take that long with a battery sprayer to cover one or 200 ft.² especially with the 11 foot telescoping extension wand. There are many tools available to us and making the best use of them is what makes our job easy.

No i dont have a vidio. I just spray a big section at time than rince off with low pressure. On a small porch roof i would probably use a pump up sprayer anyways

Hey guys so is the roof mix ok on the elastomer roof? Guys got sidetracked with backpack sprayer haha

Had no problems hit it rinse it. The one I did they were going to recoat it. ( porch overhangs)

Did one, no issues with it.

Thanks guys. I’ll do a test spot with 50/50 and if that works it should be smooth sailing.

Forgot to mention I scrubbed it after 5 min dwell of 4 % with a brush, basically prepping for recoat it was about 5 years of crap from low hanging tree on it.