Roof mix on Elastomeric coating?

Hi guys,

There was a thread on this but it went off topic regarding backpacks…

I have a white concrete tile roof that has a 3 year old white Elastomeric coating on it.
Am I ok to proceed with my regular roof mix? (4%) from my 12V and rinse with my 8GPM?

I did a test area with my 10’ pole… I hit it with SH, 10 min dwell, and rinsed… Before and after pics here. Any suggestions welcomed!

Not an expert here, but I’ve cleaned a lot of elastomeric coated roofs the wrong way (with a company that used high pressure). As long as it’s not peeling or cracking and your rinse won’t get under it, you’ll be fine at 4%. Main concern is making little water balloons wherever there’s a crack, or peeling off big sheets of it if it’s weak.

Ok so I’ll hit it with a 4% mix and do a gentle but thorough rinse. Sound like a good plan?

this is the roof. The coating looks brittle missing in some areas and and peeling etc. am I still safe to apply roof mix and soft wash as usual?

Geez that looks rough. I’d say follow that plan, but get a waiver signed about leaks. Any time I see elastomeric over clay, I assume it was a last-ditch effort by the homeowner to stop a leak they couldn’t find. And set the expectation that you’re only prepping the surface for a new coat

This is the house I rent. I sold the job to my landlord… I sent him a video showing him the roof and the current condition of the elastomeric coating explains its peeling and brittle and cracking. I explained we won’t use any pressure and only soft wash it.

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