Roof mix declining potency


I have a 50 gallon mix tank. When cleaning a roof, my mix goes pretty much dead around the 20 gallon mark. I mean it will suddenly take 5 passes to clean a section. I have to stop and add more SH which drives me crazy because I have no idea what my actual ratio is at that point. Why does this happen? Does the chlorine settle to the bottom or something? I used to stir it from time to time with a piece of PVC but it didn’t seem to make a difference. What gives? Any fixes?


That really makes no sense. It should mix pretty much uniformly. @CaCO3Girl might know.


What surfactant are you using?


Good thought Steve. If he is using dish detergent or something it could be breaking it down


Cling-On from Pressuretek. I’m using it as directed.


What mix ratio are you using?


50/50 on shingle and 70/30 on tile.


I’ve cleaned a lot of roofs and have never seen or heard of this. Have you always had this problem?


Are you batch mixing or using a proportioning device?


Batch mixing.


Yep. I’ve had this problem for years. I just assumed it was normal. Guess not!


I used a trash can once to mix my roof wash. I had the same problem. The sh didn’t mix with the water. I figured because I wasn’t driving around with it in a tank it didn’t mix. Stirring it did help me though.


If your looking for a solution @BillC is giving solid advice.

My suggestion would be to mix then drive to job site. If your already doing that then no idea what you got going on


I mix on site. Maybe I wasn’t stirring well enough? I’ll give pre mixing a try and see if that solves the issue.


I had to keep stiring it and it still wasn’t 100%.


I’ve mixed on site plenty of times before I had everything mounted. I used 15gal drums. Easy to shake vigorously. Sounds like that’s your problem. I always put the bleach and surfactant in first so the water going in would mix it and then shake it like crazy.

Now I just circulate everything through the 12v for about 5 minutes. I also drive around with the mix daily. I post treat with roof mix.



Sometimes surfactants are too thick to mix well, especially in the colder months. Try premixing your surfactant with water. This will NOT decrease the potency, it doesn’t interact like the SH does. You could easily have this mix of water and surfactant for a week…any longer and you may want to add an antimicrobial to it. Anyway, you will have to adjust your dosage to the SH, but this should work better for getting it to go into solution.


Quat ?


quat . Word Family. A class of biocides known as quaternary ammonium compounds, or quats, is one chemical treatment that temporarily diminishes biofilms and their visible effects.

Yeah, I binged that lol


I am a fan of quats, I use them in several of my formulations :- )

It only has to go in at like 0.2% to effectively inhibit the growth of algae and other junk while the water mixture is just chilling out on a shelf for awhile.