Roof Mix (Again)

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I know this has been in every post, but I feel like this could be the go to for newbies out there. To introduce my myself my name is Taylor. I work out of South Florida and we normally just pressure wash residential and commercial. We have lately been getting several roofs but turn them down. There is a company down here that advertises “No Pressure Roof Cleaning”. It is a solution that is applied by walking on the roof and kept on there as far as I know. Most of the roofs are tile. Apparently mother nature washes it all off and it looks brand new.

Mix: 50-50 Water/SH and Ajax dish soap as the soap. Problem with this is that many are saying to leave it on 10m and spray it off. Is there not a commercial company that sells roof cleaner that you just spray on and leave it or will this mix work also. It rains quite a bit down here. I just want to clarify how to apply a “no rinse” mix. Many people are confused. I have been in the business for a while but roofs are a different story.

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You can leave the SH and soap on. I would get something that’s going to stick a little more then ajax for tile roofs though. With tile roofs you may have to rinse the 1st coat off, and apply and leave the second coat. For 99% of our asphalt roofs we spray once and leave it. Stop by a few weeks later and make sure everything is good to go.


Thanks Atlas1!

Ya so basically I am just set up with SH/Water/Roof Snot for now. That sticks well. We like the no rinse solution but once it rains we may have to go back and touch up.

Biggest question is that enough? I thought roof snot was just for sticking. So I technically don’t have a soap?

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roof snot is a soap also

You can tell if it’s clean in about 10min. If it’s still has black streaks need to hit again. I’ve never had to go back and touch up. Once you get up there and do a couple you’ll be able to tell.


thanks Racer,

We still see black spots on tile even after spraying 50/50 sh and water with roof snot. They turn more brownish but I wish there was a way to fix this. We hit it several times to test and make sure its correct. I hate to say this but we may have to revert to pressure on some spots. The spots just don’t come up on some tile. On painted white tile it looks great though!

Does rain or excessive heat for long periods of time help this?

Will it look better over weeks to come maybe?

Thank you

If it’s turned brown it’s dead. Should dry up get blown off or wash off with rain over time. Or you can rinse if it’s a tile roof, shouldn’t take a lot of pressure. If you’re still seeing black spots, make sure not in tile, but you may need to go with an even stronger mix. Pics would help since I’m shooting blind here.

I will upload one tomorrow of a before and after pic.

It is stained onto the tile, nothing that can blow off. I have tried hosing off in the past to see if it changes but usually doesn’t. Maybe we need a stronger mix. The SH smell is just rough even at 45% and snotmenade. We were gonna go the route of adding a super small amount of baking soda to the mix to see if it helps on tile. Thanks for the quick response. I have been reading several of your other forums. We have also done a handful of roofs. Just trying to get it perfected. South Florida can be rough.

Talk to some of the other guys in your area, see what they say.

Hey @taylorgoines did you figure out the problem what is the best percent for tile roofs

I’m having a little bit of the same problem. Except I can’t find a company selling SH in 12.5% in my area other than an two hours away

I use 10% and mix it down to 4% strength with arm&hammer. Spray, dwell, don’t let dry and rinse it off. Turns out great every time. Dedicated pump.

Like arm and hammer baking soda? How does that work? How much do you use?

I am guessing Arm and Hammer laundry detergent with Oxiclean?


Arm and Hammer laundry detergent is what he is referring to.


oh, thanks

Liquid form.