Roof Kit Reels

Getting ready to add roof cleaning to my services and wanted to ask whats the best reel to use. Im not getting Bobs Bandit kit just due to the size and space on my trailer. I was thinking about getting this REEL taking the wheels off and bolting to the trailer. In my mind Im thinking that this will hold up better for the SH flowing through it.

Please educate me on this if you have a great idea,tip or a great reel…

been there done that, returned it after one day. Those things are built for the home owner that will use it once or twice a year.

IIRC Bob does sell his reel without the the other bandit stuff. Try to shuffle things around to allow space for the bandit, you wont regret it.

The Home Dept reel does not look like it would hold up very long and I’d guess you would be unhappy with it reel (sorry had to) soon. The plastic reels don’t roll up smooth like a metal one. Don’t waste your money. Just my opinion.

Everything from Home Depot or any dept store is junk as far as reels go…

If you call Bob, he can get any Summit reel outfitted with all stainless plumbing for a $75 charge…That what I have for my roof reel (SM18)…

The best option is to get an all stainless reel from Titan, Bob also sells.

Stainless steel is the way to go. I have had mine 3 years and the only thing I’ve had to replace are the gaskets. Like JC said shuffle things around and make space for a Fatboy bandit.

I found a good reel at fleet farm for about $100. I use it to hold the 300ft of hose from the gen 2 set up. Ill post a pic in the morning.

a $100 hose reel to handle stright SH for a roof pump… ?

Pic will explain better. Ill post when I get a chance

Gen2 mounted on a pallet, empty box is for the battery, then 300ft of hose on my $100 reel. Put her away about 3 weeks ago

This might be a better pic

Alex, I used that Home Depot reel for a year or two. I put quick connects on my hose to connect to the pump and gun. I only used the reel to “store” the hose, I did not run the mix through the guts. It was still working good when I upgraded it.

Titan reels.

i also do not run SH through my reel. It would tear it apart.

Bookmarked! This is exactly the right place to look for pressure washing personnels….

What kind of quick connects did you use for you Polly hose

His last post was 5 years ago, not even on forum anymore. Gator locks by Green leaf - PWP or Menards online

Thanks i just went on Amazon and found 1/2in barbed banjo Cam and grooves . Hopefully they work i have all 1/2 ID hose . This kit is great but had to get alot of my own extra stuff . As well

Cam locks work pretty good just try and keep any side load off the connection or they can leak . Also SH will eat the rubber seal so remember to keep an eye on them. And order extras