Roof cleaning

Good day all,

we are a start up firm, involved in roof cleaning. we will like advice and suggestions on marketing, equipment purchase, cleaning chemicals and any other advice that might help us negotiate through our initial months. Thank you.

I saw this yesterday evening and waited until I was on a computer to respond because I was going to type you a novel. Then I realized- I have no idea what you’re trying to clean since you’re in another country.

What kind of roofs are you cleaning? Asphalt shingle? Tile? Metal? Other?
And what kind of staining are you trying to remove? Gloeocapsa magma? Mildew? Dirt?

You’re in the right place to get unfiltered, unbiased information. I look forward to learning more about the industry in Nigeria!

Dear Thad,

Thank you so much for your reply. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this forum. Sincerely, we are new in the business without any hands-on experience, but I have looked at the potentials of doing this business in Nigeria and I know that it will be good here.

Below are some of the services we will be offering:

  1. Roof cleaning ( Roof Rejuvenation, Weather proofing, and respraying or painting)

  2. Fleet washing (pressure washing)

  3. Tank (confined space) cleaning

  4. Vessels, platforms and rigs pressure washing and degreasing

first, most roofs in Nigeria are aluminium and the biggest challenge with these types of roofs is dirt, Mildew and the fact that the colours fade out over time. We especially want to focus on Roof rejuvenation which could include weather proofing and painting.

We are presently talking to a company we hope to purchase equipment from in the United States and will be trained by the same company too. We want to expand our options and talk to other companies and comapre ideas, prices and training.

We also noticed that we could not get hold of any firm in the United States that is into roof repainting? we were only able to find such firms in the United Kingdom. I will appreciate your advice and if possible we will like to purchase books on this subject.

There may be numerous roof cleaning companies in your area. Search the most popular ones and figure out where they do the most business. You may want to come in at a lower cost and use low-priced advertising like flyers. Also, present a more personalized approach. As you are just establishing the business, use it as a chance to give each potential customer one-on-one attention.

Yeah, everybody loves a lowballer.

Dear Melijack and Thad,

Thank you for the advice. Our situation is very unique, we are not only a startup firm but there are no other roof cleaning firms in the country. Can you advice on the type of advertising and awareness campaign you would have carried out if you were in my shoes.