Roof cleaning with pool shock?

Has anyone used pool shock to clean roofs?

  • did it work good? What’s the good the bad and the ugly

Granular or liquid?
Big difference.

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We use 15% liquid pool shock in all of our house/roof wash mixes.

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Hello Thad and thank you for the notice. Which do you agree to be the best. Do you advise any risk by using this product?

Hello John_T and thank you for the notice. So you use the 15% shock on brick, wood, vinyl and shingles along with sidewalks and driveways? Any special prep to grounds, grass, flowers or shrubs? How do you suggest to apply the product to the surfaces and do you use a soap agent/additives to assist the shock to stick to surface? And what’s the ratio for mixture of shock and water for the different surface’s? Do you apply to shingles without rinse or do you rinse it before drying? Thank you so much for you expertise and advise.
Ectcowboy (Tony)

Never tried granules, but I’ve always read that liquid is the way to go. I’ve used Leslie’s Pool’s version many times with great success.
@John_T, where do you get 15%?

Jetline is where I get my 15% Liquid shock. You need a contractors license here to have an account with Jetline.

Hello again… For you that use the pool shock to wash roofs, siding, bricks, wood and vinyl siding, driveways and sideways… What prep is needed to protect the landscape? Grass, bushes and flowers… Do you cover with tarps or just flood the area with water prior to cleaning the above surfaces?
Thank you in advance for your expertise info!

We pretty much rinse all the surrounding areas before we apply our mixtures. Then we rinse again after we apply our mixture then we clean what whatever it is where cleaning & then we rinse again. Rinsing is key for us in most everything we clean.

We purchase from Leslie’s Pools. 10% SH solution (liquid chlorine). It’s what all of our roof and house mixes are. Works great, and they are a good company to deal with.

What’s the best product to use when cleaning concrete and exteriors of homes, vinyl and brick.
Thank you

SH (Sodium Hydrochlorite) is the go-to chemical for pretty much any cleaning job in this industry.

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Thank you for the info! One more question… What have y’all found to work good in rust or oil stains on concrete

Oxalic acid, One Restore, Rust Remover +, F9, Muriatic acid… there’s a few different chemicals out there.

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the Champion pool shock says it’s a violation of federal law to use in a manner inconsistent with its label - Shocking Pools. Has anyone else noticed this?

It’s how it’s packaged and sold. You buy from Haviland or Univar and it doesn’t say that.

You’ll be okay

Just don’t tell them and you should be alright.

That is a required statement on ALL EPA registered pesticide. And if it’s claiming to kill algae it is a pesticide.

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I haven’t seen pool shock in my area with less than 65% SH. Granules.