Roof Cleaning with Galvalume Gutters

Large slate roof with galvalume gutters. A mix strong enough to clean that roof is going to torch those gutters on contact. Any ideas on the work-around here with the gutters?

And welcome. Surely you want to tell us a little about yourself and day go to everyone before you start right into questions. A cursory search will tell you what I would do with that roof.

I’ve updated my profile. And I’m not new to cleaning, but I’m new to posting here. There isn’t much I haven’t cleaned. And I’ve cleaned a hundred slate roofs from 1500 sq ft to 20k sq ft. I know how to clean the roof. But I’m curious if others have had any luck masking gutters. After years of cleaning this is the second house I’ve come across in the past few weeks with galvalume gutters. I hope they aren’t becoming a thing.

Welcome aboard Dan. I don’t do roofs anymore but I’m sure someone will chime in. I walk away from anything with potential headache

You could try masking the gutters with a plastic drop cloth and wrapping it around kind of like a sock. I’m not sure what i’d charge for that but I don’t think anyone would ever pay it.

You’ve got years of experience on me but it might be less of a headache to try out some sort of sodium per-carbonate/hydroxide solution. There are a few caustic roof washes. I can’t vouch for their efficacy or if they’re safe on galvalume but it might be worth looking into.

I’m actually working on a new way to clean roofs. Doesn’t involve any chems (or ladders) but you do have to downstream .8% or so after. It won’t be ready till next season at the earliest but if you haven’t found a good solution by then I might be able to help.

Are they paying you to spray the gutters, if not why are you worried about them. Can rinse out the inside when you’re done. If you happen to hit the outside for some reason, just have your rinse guy standing by.

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Lol yes we know.

These gutters are immaculate. And while half round gutters may be aesthetic, it’s my experience they aren’t incredibly functional. Solution is going over the sides. We are always prepared for it and rinse accordingly. Traditionally this caliber of slate roof has half-round copper gutters that have been weathered. So it’s no dire emergency if the rinse is not perfect and some solution lingers on the face. But that is absolutely not an option here, because the mix that will handle that roof will flash-oxidize the face of those gutters in seconds (potentially. …I’m sure we all know how wishy-washy galvalume is). And like I said, there are no flaws on these gutters, so it will be incredibly obvious. And wanting to be cautious rather than sorry.

Thought about masking them too, but agreed that they won’t want to pay what we would charge to do it. Like oxidation removal, it would be an inch by inch painstaking process.

So just explain situation to them and let them make the call if you’re that worried about or walk away. I can kind of understand your concern, especially the way that dormer roof hangs right over, you will get some splatter, no doubt. But I think pre-wetting and with ground guy there, most could be mitigated. But I wouldn’t be cheap. If they can afford the slate roof and are crazy enough to put those gutters on, then they can need to be able to stand the heat.

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This. Like owning an exotic car, or anything with a high price tag (of that nature). The larger the bill, the larger the upkeep for it is.

ie replacing all four tires on Bugatti is $42,000 and you HAVE to get them replaced every 18 months AND the annual service cost is $20,000

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I put small spots of 12.5 on back of 3 or 4 downspouts and nothing. Went back a week later just to make sure (as galvalume is so fickle), still no problems. So I greenlighted it and the we got it done with another great result.


Nicely done