Roof cleaning- Things to keep spares of

I’m going to be going down threads but we will only do roof cleaning here, but what do you feel is needed to keep as an essential backup or spare of on the truck?

Spare of the super-reliable 12v pumps

Most importantly spare pressure switches.

Spare sprayer- whatever kind you use.

Spare gun & pressure switches. One of mine started acting up on only the 2 nd job. Off brand pump.

Spare wand, fuses, jrod, strainers, never had a problem with the pump or the pressure switch. Started out with the Fat Boy Bandit with an accumulator.

I keep 2 of everything.

List what they are! :slight_smile: A lot of guys here need help or are newbies and don’t know what to keep on hand

2 air pumps
2 5850 12 v pumps, back up chemical hose, spray tips, hand tools, 2 battery’s, fittings, ball valves. Just to name a few.

Wow, you don’t play!! Lol

Battery. 12v pump. Wand. Wire connectors. Hose clamps. 12 volt jumper. Jumper cables in case need to run pump off truck.