Roof Cleaning Packages on Responsibid

We’ve been using Responsibid for about a year with window cleaning and house washes, but now we have added roof cleaning to the estimate form. I’ve always loved how you can add the level of services packages/pricing (basic, deluxe, premium). For me, that was easy to set up on window cleaning, however, for roof cleaning I’m having a hard time coming up with what could be considered basic, deluxe and premium levels.

Having only a small handful of roof cleaning jobs under our belts, my main focus has been staying safe and not nuking plants/grass while cleaning. What levels of “value” can we add for roof cleaning that can justify a premium price to our customer over the other packages?

Curt already had rinsing off all concrete and either a 3 or 5 year warranty as differences in package. Rinsing off anything near the roof sounds standard to me and rinsing off someone’s sidewalk no where near the homes roof doesn’t make sense.

I like the warranty, but does anyone have other examples?

. We try not to do roofs without a house wash as well. So our deluxe is a house wash and 3 year warranty and gutter whitening. Our middle package is roof wash and house wash. And our basic is just your straight roof wash.

I’m new to roofs guys, what does the warranty include thanks

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Mold comes back we come back and clean. 3 years.

Thanks Brian. Definitely going to have to play around with your examples. Like adding the house wash for a “premium” roof cleaning…


Basic - just roof

Deluxe - roof + house wash

Premium - roof + house wash + gutter whitening + outside window cleaning

I have to have a bigger difference between premium and deluxe to make deluxe seem more reasonable. As for the windows I priced it so it really doesnt matter how many windows they have. Im going to make $$$

So how does the Basic, Premium, Deluxe go for a housewash?

However you want it to!

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