Roof Cleaning Hose

For your roof cleaning systems, make sure you’re using a hose at least 1/2 inch in diameter. I recently upgraded to 5/8ths hose and what a difference! Not only will you be able to have further spray distance, it also allows your pump to run a little easier, which will extend pump life.

I have always used 5/8" and was considering going 1/2" the next time I bought hose. Thanks for this post, you might have saved me some major headaches!

5/8" is commonly available just about everywhere at a reasonable price, and the difference in hose diameter is very noticeable at the end of the wand as far as spraying distance and flow.

I use 5/8" Kuri Tec. I would like to see what other options are out there besides polyweb.

We use 1/2" kuri tec so far we have been happy with it,but if/when it fails we may give the goodyear plyvic a try

We use 1/2" clear braided hose with quick connects…yeah buddy!

Quick connects scare me on roof cleaning hose. One little leak and you can have serious problems.

Where do I buy this stuff? Shoulda read this before posting this morning… :wink:

Pressure Tek

I dont know what Pressure Tek sells but these are industrial quick connects…they are soooo friggin nice to have!

I don’t use any quick connects in my roof wash setup. Just one 200’ length of hose.

I need 300ft of hose. Do I do 200 connected to 100, or 150 to 150? In my reading I’ve understood quick ocnnects are not the way to go cause you dont want to leak roof mix(which makes sense). I use quick connects for my wfp and I leak enough to not. Want it to be anything but water.

Thad(or anyone else who has posted) put up a link to the exact hose I should buy? Looking for cheapest to start , then will upgrade. Cost with most reliability for now. Longevity when I do my 2nd job and am in the black . Thanks.

Great Post Micah! It is good to see some correct information about roof cleaning posted, for a change!
Big hose is better, and it is always better, assuming your pump has enough GPM to benefit from it.

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Thanks Mike!

just to be clear thats 5/8" garden hose with the ends cutoff? correct? like this

Yeah, we use same hose here for roof cleaning. It works great for me.

I think two smaller hoses with a ‘secure’ fitting are where I’m inclination.

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