Roof Cleaning high points

So I landed a big roof cleaning job, the house is pretty big. I may be able to get my 5.5 12v electric pump to reach it with my j rod but not sure if it will get to the tip top. What have you guys done to make it reach? I am using 1/2” kuritek hose with a ball valve on the end pvc fittings and a j rod. Do you make a long extension or something?

Are you able to walk the roof at all?

Not a roof job, but a tall limestone building side that I was unable to direct apply chem to the higher points.

At the time, I had a pump up sprayer and did not have a 12 v (since then I got a 12 v system). I got 3/8 inch hose (about 15 feet), 10 ft section of galvanized EMT pole and some double barbs. Cut the line on the pump up hose and using barbs and clamps connect pump hose to new section of hose. Then wrapped hose around EMT pole and at other end connected original section of hose with sprayer tip again using barb fitting and clamps. Used some zip ties to hold it all together. Basically, it made a 10 ft extension sprayer that was light, easy to handle and allowed me to reach the highest area that I needed (Original sprayer handle was zip-tied to bottom of pole so you could have one hand at bottom of pole on “trigger” with other hand a few feet up positioning pool). I know fairly redneck engineering but you can’t laugh if it works. I don’t think PVC would work as it would flex and bend too much to handle easily. Oh, I also used a carpenters belt bag with a hook on it to put the handle of the pump up sprayer on so I would have not have to hold it all the time or hold it while on a ladder - pump it up, hook it and climb up the ladder and spray or even on the ground, just easier to walk around with it on the belt than actually carrying it.

I had that on my trailer for a few months. Easier than getting a ladder out in some situations. Think of a house wash with a stone chiminey that you want to direct apply chem to. So much easier with a 10 ft poll, than dragging out the ladder, hauling around to the back yard, setting up, climbing up and down, etc. It was also helpful in situations like a concrete wall that you wanted to direct apply chem. You could stand in one spot and cover 20 linear ft of wall without moving and having to be right up on the wall when it is windy getting over-sprayed with chem. Come to think of it, it was actually very useful.

How many feet are we talking about?

Booster pump, maybe?