Roof Cleaning Contractors Directory- Did You Get Your Listing?

Roof Cleaning Contractors

Seriously, if you use low pressure ARMA methods to clean roofs you need to grab your spot now. It’s another phase of your SEO attack and will put you in line for some really cool stuff coming up.

You can get a free listing as long as you use ARMA methods. If you want to upgrade there is a $15 Bronze Package and a $25 Silver Package. The totally pimped out Gold Listing is only 50 bucks. After I heard what all you get I thought it was a good deal at $50 a month but it’s only $50 per year.

It’s a no brainer. Pick your package and get on the Roof Cleaning Directory.
You can thank me later.

Who already has theirs?

Tried to sign up but the site doesn’t like mobile at all. I have to wait till I’m at my laptop but I know I am!

I signed up!

I just signed up…

Clear Vision window cleaning.

Hey Chris im not to familiar with this Directory. Can I ask why you or Thad why you think it’s going to turn into something really good?

Sorry about my signature…


I think the object of signing up is to create a larger web presence for yourself, that alone is a GOOD thing…


Anybody signed up with They’re the first ones that pop up in my area???

Did I miss the link???

Is there an I phone app?

So where is this link?

Alfredo Mejia
After Hours Pressure Washing LLC

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It’s gone boys.

It’s back up. I think he had to re register the domain

Has anybody talked to Barry lately? I’ve left a few messages with no response.

Barry dropped off the net but maybe he’s been swamped with work with all his domain stuff going on.

So for all you people that got in on the roof thing has it payed off are you getting leads

Nothing yet

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Anyone benefit in any way from their listing?

not really.