Roof and house cleaning with copper gutters

Does anyone have experience cleaning copper gutters? What percentage mix do you use and what’s your process?

Thanks again!!

as they say Walk Aaway

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Copper and brass require a totally different method of cleaning… and unless you’re going to hand polish it, I’m with @fatdaddy on this one. Walk away.

If you like to suffer, when I was in the Navy, nearly every gosh darn thing was brass or copper, and as a young squidling they made us use Brasso on Brass and I think it was called Wrights on Copper. It’s as tedious as sanding off lacquer or chipping paint.

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Kind of what I was thinking. The customer wants his roof cleaned and house cleaned but when I saw the copper gutters I was like “that could turn ugly quick”. I wasn’t sure if y’all cleaned around the gutters or just simple said thanks but no thanks!

Hey guys I know this is old post but just ran across a brick house with painted wood trim and homeowner wants it cleaned. The gutters are copper and are in really bad shape. They are now black and green. I told her her I could not clean them gutters that what it would take is polishing them. She completely understood and said she would talk to her painter and see if they may polish them. My question is, can I still wash everything just not worry about trying to get gutters clean and be ok?

If it’s her intention to have them polished after cleaning post haste then get it in writing to CYA, but they’re likely going to be more black than they already are. CYA x10

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Thanks @squidskc yea I thought they were painted black till I got close enough to really look at them. I priced it and measured off Google earth. I was in the area yesterday and said heck I’ll just swing by and check it out. That’s when did a walk around with her and explained it all.

I hate brasso. To many late nights getting ready for dress Green’s inspection


That’s what the Korean shops off post are for. $50 to dry clean, set up Class A’s, plush polish Jump boots (I was 82nd)


One great grandpa at Saint Mihael with 82nd. Grand dad, dad, 2 uncles and brother in law in 82nd. One brother started 82nd before going psy ops. Other brother went Stetson with Air Cav. You have good history and much respect from me @Patriotspwashing