Roof access question

I was cleaning the windows at a quarterly window customer of mine and in looking at their roof saw that it is ready for a cleaning. I know full well that I am not ready for this roof, but wanted to ask questions because in the future I will want to approach them on it.
Gutter to peak at tallest is ~70 feet of roof (80 feet from the ground), it is a cement roof with a 15/12 pitch, so never going to even think about walking on that. There are three flat areas circled in the picture, how do you do something like that?

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Go go gadget…
More wondering if I should use a lift, or is there some secret I don’t know.


If you’re not able to hit those areas from the gutter line or, walk the valleys, renting a lift is the best option. Valleys are much easier to walk but I’m not sure that’s even possible on a 15/12 pitch. I’ve never dealt with one that steep. That’s a big enough roof they probably won’t even balk at the additional cost of a lift.

I’d much prefer Jake’s idea though! I’d give it a whirl.


Are you Hawking?

A lift Will get you on the roof but you’re still gonna have to walk it. It looks like a huge house and it’s not gonna get you up and over very far just up on it. If it’s walkable get a harness and attach it up there, be safe.

Or you could be like rick Siri and use his cool telescoping wand to clean up 80’ and over 150’!

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Get a powerful drone and hover the gutters on a nice dry day/week. I’ve cleaned my gutters like that. Otherwise its nut hug city in a harness. Amazin sells a roof kit for 99 bucks