Roller pump

Ok so I bought this pump and motor at yard sale for 25bucks. Its mounted on a stainless piece of c channel so it was junk that plate was worth it. Has anyone tried to use a roller pump. Not saying I want to use one just want to try and spark a useful conversation.

It would be a great rinser but that’s it.

Ok why?

You can get big volume out of them with nice pressure but running anything corrosive through them opens up the distance between the housing and the rollers. It would work for about a month then it wouldn’t be rebuildable since the housing is trashed. They make them in SS but then again that one is really meant for just Roundup. Wait hold up are you trying to downstream with it???

I dont know what I’m going to do with it but yes ds is what I was thinking. Yard sale find just tinkering is all