Rinsing with fire hydrants

Anyone use hydrants for rinsing concrete on large jobs? I think i’ve seen @Innocentbystander talk about using them. I know i will need to get a meter, but does anyone have any advice on what hose to use, and/or a good place to buy some?

Also any tips you might have about general use or methods.

Without getting into all the "how are you going to reclaim all that water " you have several options. You can buy fire hose ranging from one inch booster hose to 1.75 inch hose and buy nozzles for them. That could be 100’s to 1000’s of dollars depending on what and how much you get. Some cities rent hose along with meters. I would suggest 3/4 inch garden hose and a hi flow nozzle. That will put out a lot of water but keep up your pressure. I’ve had some culdesac and dead end hydrants that wouldn’t provide 10 gpm thru garden hose

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Hmmm, so 3/4" garden hose is an option for fire hydrant rinsing? That would be a good excuse to buy some flexzilla 3/4", hah.

I asked a guy that used to have a landscaping company, and he said they used to rinse with the blue hoses, and i think he said more expensive white ones. If 3/4" would perform similarly, i might go that route.

When you say hi flow nozzle, would something like this work, or are there better options?


Can we get into it? Lol

Do you find that most municipalities require reclaiming the water? Local city one of our chick fil A’s is in told me runoff from the highway during a bad storm does more damage than I would washing a restaurant once a quarter for the next 10 years.

@Jordie you’re in CA so your rules are different (way different), but what’ve you found?

That nozzle will work.

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All my garden hose comes from walmart or home depot. I buy the cheapest stuff possible. Mine stays snaked across parking lots and roads all day and gets ran ovet 100’s of times a day. No need to buy expensive hose for rinsing.


I’m in MA. Virtually no regulation.

I reclaim because I want to.

Both municipalities i checked in with last year told me i was the first person to ever inquire about waste water regulations for power washing and had almost no info to give me, lacked knowledge about the EPA, and didn’t really know whose department it fell under.

Needless to say, I’ve not had any issues with the authorities, although one town official saw my reclaim setup and expressed profuse approval and commendation, which felt good.

Customers don’t care so it isn’t really a selling point. But i made the decision early on in research to do it regardless of the proliferation of protests, rationalizations, justifications and shifting of blame by contractors on multiple forums.

In other words, guys, just do it because its the right thing to do, regardless of cost.


“… no need to buy expensive hose”

Yeah, but you see, this hose goes to 11. :smile:

I don’t know what that means but if you’re happy go for it


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Guess I missed that show.