Rigged up/ redneck engineered solutions

I’m really digging this site. I read a while back about folks coming up with motor mounts to keep their motors from “sounding like helicopters”. Well my Honda was bolted directly to my trailer and put off a god awful amount of vibration. I came up with this simple solution. It cost $1.50 and I used a pair of garden shears and my grind wheel for the final product.

I can take more pics of my setup, but I didn’t finish til well past dark. Y’all post some of your innovative solutions to problems

Nifty. I’d like to see the finished product :slight_smile:

Here’s the makeshift sight gauge on my tank:

And the ‘trick’ I use when I don’t want to empty the tank below the bulkhead:

Nice, yea I’m going to mount my signs today and I’ll take some pics of my setup.

I just finished my trailer today. I’ve worked a couple jobs with it and figured out what changes I needed to make. Here is a pic of the motor mounts out of rubber chair tips. And a couple other pics of the whole setup just because it turned out pretty good

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Nice setup man. What’s the big black thing? Just storage?

Looks great!

Yea a nice toolbox I bought from a buddy for $50. Score! Going to store my chemicals and odds and ends in it. Keep from having to go in the back of my truck

Thanks man. I was doing jobs hauling a portable washer in and out of the back of my truck. REALLY inefficient, so I saved up and put this together. Found smoking deals on everything and did a lot of research.

I am guilty of being a bed of the truck storage guy, lol.

Nice trailer! What size is the trailer?

5x10. just big enough for everything

Nice looking rig. I’d like to make your life a bit easier… Instead of the drain plug for you’r oil, put a ball valve there. There’s a brand called Fumoto that are brass and stainless steel that work excellent.

Redneck Engineering is the best.

I currently have an expensive, worn out flow valve on my pool bypassed using an old telephone cord.

Whatever works, right?

Love the truck. Needs an Auburn sticker.


I will definitely look into that. Thanks. Need to change my oil pretty soon.

do you happen to know the part number for the gx390? There are several to choose from

I’ll find out for ya… Give me a few and I’ll get back with you.

F-109N … is the part number you will need for the Fumoto drain valve.

Here is a link for them on amazon. Cheapest place I’ve found them so far.


@SHWSLLC Thanks appreciate that !

No problem.