Reusable pressure hose fittings?

Has anyone had luck with reusable pressure hose fitting’s? I’m tired of local hydraulic shop ripping me a new one to crimp on a new fitting when hose break’s. I refuse to keep trashing hose’s or getting ripped off to get my hose’s repaired. If anyone use’s them, feel free to chime in and give me the pro’s and con’s about them…Thank’s in advance fellow washer’s!!!

they cost me a ton when an employee was injured when it failed. Carquest and most hose shops charge less than $15 to put on a new end. I just throw then away now when they blow. Not worth the liabilty.

Local shop is charging $45.00 bucks to crimp a new fitting.

Use 100s and 50s…

I like a continuous 250 foot section. Fits on reel better, doesn’t hang up on couplers and downstreams better because less chance to suck air at fittings

Most common point of failure is right before the gun. So use a 6 or 10 foot whip right before the gun as a ‘sacrificial’ failure point. Much cheaper to replace a whip than a whole hose, even a 50’ section.

Bingo Alex. We use 3 foot whipsof 2 wire for that very reason