Retrofit this?

I came across this on Facebook marketplace and began to wonder if I could retrofit this into a roof washing setup. It appears to be 1/2" hose and a 60 gallon tank with an electric Hannay reel. Would it even be worth the trouble?

There’s no trouble… takes 2 minutes to replace that pump with a 5 or 7gpm 12v pump.

Hannays are good with SH

Looks like a good deal

Replace brass with plastic … looks like an awesome,e deal with a good footprint

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That’s what I thought and I already have a 7gpm pump on the trailer. May be worth a short trip to Tulsa. I don’t really need the electric reel function but it’s cool I suppose.

True, I like the footprint of that thing. If you do get it can you try to pull a brand or model off of the frame

Sure thing. It’s a couple hour drive to Tulsa and he hasn’t responded to my message yet so we’ll see what comes of it.

What type of hose is that?

Once you start using electric reels you get spoiled to them


I’m not sure. The guy had it sold already.

It would seem like one more thing to break down but I am sure they’re nice when working!

I like repurposed things I paid $100 for this Lesco skid with electric reel. Turned it into a roof cleaning system

There’s really not a lot to break down.

Call me crazy…last night I was think about air diaphragm pumps and how they work. Then I thought man why hasn’t anyone made a similar pump that would work off water pressure. Similar to those little sump pump things that work off pressure washers.


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Almost like a giant downstream inspector, at the diaphragm pump, the SH side is plastic, and high pressure side stainless…then mixes to go into regular chem hose

@SchertzServicesLLC… get on it, make one lol


Problem would be the hose and machine wouldn’t withstand the pressure once you let off the trigger. It’s all based on the Venturi system. Venturi is based off flow and volume and not pressure. If I am correctly imagining what you are imagining. image

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In theory if you replaced the low pressure air with water it would produce much more torque and efficiency. Because air compresses water doesn’t

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is that a 1/2 air setup you got there? how do you like it?

I think diaphragm pumps work on less than 100 psi. Never owned one but from what I’ve read they don’t tolerate much on the psi side.

This is all over my pay grade lol

I agree the psi gradient out ways the negative exigencies of water molecules accelerated by the fusion of the ions.

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This is as scientific I get anymore!