Restoring Tarnished copper?

Does anyone have any experience with restoring tarnished copper? A family member of mine who’s house I just washed has a coupla on their garage roof and it has a copper cap. It’s tarnished and they would like it to shine again. They asked if I could fix it, I told them I didn’t know but I would post the question on here, that someone would probably have an idea. So has anyone done this ? Or know of a process or product that will work?


Brasso???just a guess

You have to draw the line somewhere… I would tell them I don’t walk on roofs & it looks nice just the way it is. A little patina has character. Put the time you save toward productivity elsewhere.

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Yeah I know but it’s my sister and she recently helped my wife and I out with the kids. You know how family is lol it’s not a huge deal but if there is a somewhat quick way like using brasso like someone mentioned ide like to help her out. If it’s very involved then I’ll probably just tell her that and pass. But again ide like to help

Google it

I did, nothing specific to a copula. Most are talking about pans or small items but I read brasso, I read of people using a mix of vinegar, flour and salt, I even read of someone using acid. I was hoping someone had some experience with it before I start throwing random stuff on it.

It’s copper. It doesn’t matter what shape it has been formed in to. Clean it like it recommends cleaning pots or pans.

I would try citric acid and work up to a stronger acid from there.


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