Restaurant Kitchen

I have the opportunity to clean the kitchen in a very well used restaurant. Grease on the walls, floor, and all equipment. I plan on using commercial degreaser first.

My question is, should I use hot water or can I use non heated water?
The new owners are fixing it up for a new Mexican restaurant.
Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Yes hot water

Good degreaser plus hot water will get it cleaned up. I use a 3 gpm 2k psi machine with a turbo nozzle for a kitchen job I have monthly. A smaller machine works better in a confined space. Degreaser and cold water will give you headaches with food grease.

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Do you have a disclaimer?
Can I get a copy of it?
This is the first commercial job I would get.

If there is a lot of grease I would let it dwell for at least 10 minutes, hit it with a brush, wash it off, then do it again. Don’t try and scrub a coating of grease clean the first time. This will take a minute.

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