Restaurant entryway and back door are black - grease traffic

What would you guys recommend chemical wise and at what ratio for cleaning of this type without hot water? TIA!

Get two bars of ivory soap and two of the little tea candles that wives leave burning around the house. Melt them down in a pot with half can of lite beer(density porousifier) and a teaspoon of tide detergent. Spray this mix, undiluted, on black grease. White grease takes a different formula so don’t try this on anything but black grease.


do more research before posting.

Spray diluted EBC or Zep purple degreaser, scrub and let duel for ten minutes then pressure wash.

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Original or aleo

Original. Dont be asking such basic questions. You know better.


I’m betting for white grease it’s ice beer, huh? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone your masterful ways.