Restaurant Deck

Hi, I’ve been browsing here and other forums some time now. Finally decided to up my knowledge and take on other ventures. I have friends in real estate and restaurant businesses. I have a possible job with a restaurant that has both an enclosed and outdoor patio. The enclosed decking is painted with some brand of decking paint or coating. It has a fair amount of black/sticky grease stains from kitchen traffic by the kitchen bus door. I’m looking for advice on what to use to clean it as far as chemicals go without stripping the coating. (It’s a thick paint or deck coating)

As some areas will seem to need a fairly strong mix. I typically use SH, Elemonator, F18, & F13 for other jobs. I just wanted to pick your brains as to what your suggestions would be to tackle a job like this. Thanks

If it helps my setup is 4000psi/ 4gpm with downstreaming.

Your going to need to apply with X Jet or roof pump…or pump up sprayer if you don’t have either.

SH and EBC or another good non caustic degreaser. I use a product called power solve for decks that are painted or stained. 5 gallons SH…20 Gallons water and one gallon of power solve.

If deck is bare wood I’ll do half gallon power solve and half gallon of their film fighter (high caustic degreaser) with same SH ratio

The outside patio is incoated with lighter grease tracking. But typical gray weathering as well.
I’ve had good results with mixing in purple power on much lighter jobs. With the extent of this grease build up in areas i didn’t think that would cut it. I don’t have a stand alone soft wash setup so i DS. I also do not have an Xjet. So i suppose using a pump sprayer would be my option as of right now. I usually use an adjustable DS jet or a 2.3 fixed (5-8 Gmp).

Bump for anymore tips or info. Thanks!

You’ll need to scrub a bit, grease needs contact/agitation, you could spray the living daylights out of some grease and it won’t budge, you wipe it with your finger and it comes off…
Depending on what you’re cleaning you could use a rag soaked in degreaser or a scrub brush on a pole/broom stick

Recommended mix of ebc/sh for heavy grease? I only mix 5 gallons at a time. I ordered an x jet today!