Residential technique

I might be fairly new at flat surface but I have learned alot and I can comfortably say after doing it, researching, and taking advice, I dont get lines. My formula… pre treat with with 3%, 5% if the driveway is bad. Keep surface cleaner tips to under 3000 psi, to about 2500 to avoid etching. If its a smaller machine, 4gpm, move SLOW. Clean perpendicular. Do not run top to bottom. More chance and more visual for lines. Thanks Racer for that. Make a pass and do it again. Do 40" to 60" then go back doing circles. Slow going but speed is not what matters to final outcome, quality is. This will alleviate any lines and if tips are correct etching as well. Post treat with 3%. Driveway will come out bright and clean, free of unsightly stripes. Has worked great for me with 4 gpm machine, 18" and 20" surface cleaners, tipped down to 2400 to 2500 psi with 25030 tips. Makes the difference from a guy that just bought equiptment to being a pro cleaning job. Follow this for unpainted, unsealed concrete over 3 years old, learn more and you will golden in the flat surface game. Learn every type of flat surface and chemical. Learn what effloresence is, where it appears and how to combat it among other things and never stop learning night and day. All the hours in the field and these forums will save your ■■■ one day. Knowledge is pure power. Thank you again Racer, you da man.

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My only comment is that pre treat and post treat is too strong. Especially the 5%, you’re likely to burn the edge of the grass


I did a really bad driveway last year and used 3% pretreat and like 1-2% post treat to fade the remaining stripes. It was coming off like coal sludge, probably never been cleaned.

I will also add, if you’re using more than 2% wear a respirator. Stuff will nuke your lungs quick.

Yeah i need to get one before it gets hot out. I ordered a modified x jett gun. The x jett is between the trigger gun and the lance so you can use your choice of tips on the end. This way i can pre and post treat with a soap tip and get that 3% that a DI wont give. Flat sick of the pump up sprayer.

I pretreat with house wash and I post treat with house wash - using my Blue Mule Spray-all gun - If I have things dialed in right it looks great. Never a single driveway complaint.


Heck yeah! Finally someone else on here using that gun! Did you add quick connect and J-rod to it?

Lol, I was just gonna say some other cat on here uses one of those thingies

Right on brother! As I “experiment” on what way works best, going perpendicular as you said and then cleaning in small circles as moving forward instead of in just straight lines seems to be what works best for me to prevent lines too (I know everyone has their own way). Last couple I did, I only did it that way (small circles) and touch up was a breeze. I also pre and post with SH.