Residential soft washing

Soft washing tyvit siding on a house

John are you asking a question or making a statement. Something got lost in translation

Just trying to find out of anyone has ever soft washed this kind of surface and what was used.

Has anyone soft washed tyvit siding(looks like stucco) ? What have you used as chem on a painted surface like this?

If you are referring to dryvit then wash as you would stucco: except no pressure. Synthetic stucco is a hard shell over foam. Xjet and bleach probably. I tend to wash only vinyl and hardiboard.

Thanks for the clarification on the name. I was going off what the homeowner said as we rarely see this in my area. If the surface is painted should I take any other precautions? Also should I have the homeowner sign a waiver for fading with using bleach?

I just don’t wash stucco or dryvit because it takes more time than a regular housewash so I’m not the best to ask probably. Paint shouldn’t fade though. Just have to have stronger mix and more dwell time. You can poke a pencil thru the stuff so no high pressure.