Residential Siding Washing

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I got started doing windows and mainly surface cleaning with my pressure washer. I see many things on here about downstreaming (I’m assuming with your pressure washer) which I do on surface cleans. I’m looking to do more residential exterior siding washing - What should I do? I’ve seen things about X-Jet and stuff too but what about softwashing? I know a lot of people will say “try it out and whatever works best for you, use that” because it is all situational and whatnot. I just need some opinions of what has worked for other people doing vinyl siding.


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Downstreaming and 12V application, are both considered softwashing. Downstreaming is the most popular choice. X-jetting, or using a 12V pump, are less popular, but still work.

A google search with those terms should lead you to many threads where people have discussed the pros/cons.

How is downstreaming softwashing if using a 3000 psi pressure washer? I’ve tried searching downstreaming on google but obviously a lot of things come up that aren’t very specific, that’s why I came to you guys to help me out!

I guess my question is how do you rinse after downstreaming with your pressure washer in order for it to be “softwashing”?

You use different size nozzle tips to reduce the pressure. Softwashing means you are using chemicals to wash the house, and not blasting it off with pressure alone. So you apply the chemicals with low pressure, and rinse with low pressure.

I cant remember exactly, but i think when you downstream with a pressure washer, you are only at around 400-800 PSI leaving the tip.

Someone can correct me if im wrong.

Xjetting is not soft washing. Not a wrong way to wash, just not low pressure. tips lower pressure. We wash at about 150 psi.


I PM’d you a couple of threads from another forum where they discuss the pros/cons between downstreaming and 12V application. If anyone else wants them, just PM me.

Also, i’ll add that X-Jetting is the least popular way to clean vinyl, from what i have seen. Some do it, though.

Rough pros/cons

Downstreaming - More convenient than X-Jetting. Pull hose and spray… chemical gets drawn from a jug at the pump. Least strong mix of bleach with this method, because of how much it is diluted.

12V - Can achieve strongest mixes of bleach with this method. It’s what is used for roofs. Less volume of water available for rinsing than the other two methods, so may take longer. No engine noise.

X-Jetting - Have to carry around a bucket with the wand, less convenient. Stronger mix than downstreaming, but less so than 12V.


My mistake, I’ll edit my earlier post.

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Turn the soap off and rinse with the same nozzle you applied with

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