Residential curbs

How do you handle these?

Are these commonly done with house/driveway washes… meaning do the customers normally want/expect them cleaned?

Ive been doing them with a turbo nozzle… is that an appropriate method?

Do you charge the same square footage rate as your normal flatwork?

No. Normally charge anywhere between .50 - $1.00 per linear ft. Turbo nozzle fine if you don’t have a lot.


Good rule of thumb is 100 feet every ten minutes with turbo nozzle. If you can get $1 per foot you can sub all of it to me for 30 cents a foot :slight_smile:


It takes me about 30 min for 100’. But I’m old and decrepit

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Thanks for the info guys. Yeah i dont know if i could get $1 a foot, haha. I was thinking more in the .20 -.25 cent range.

Hire young guys. :slight_smile:

I spray mud all over. Do you dial down the pressure or is there a special tool or technique?

Well, only one side of the curb should have grass/mud next to it… the other is bordered by the road. Sometimes when i am doing the top of the curb next to the grass side, i will stand on the grass and shoot towards the road for that section. Just have to keep a little control on the wand so it stays on the top of the curb, and doesnt dip down into the grass too bad. I use a turbo nozzle on my wand, at full strength.