Reputable Website Question

I am looking at web dealers for pressure washer accessories and supplies as well as pre built carts and systems. I do not know of any to avoid and any to go to. I find WaterCannon as a popular google search, are they reputable and good to their word on service.

Thank You

I’ve done business with Pressuretek, Watercannon, and Kleen Rite. I would do business with them again in that order. Local is better if it’s an option. :slight_smile:

Sometimes searching locally can be difficult, try searching using these keywords: hydraulic, hose, fittings, cleaning supplies. …

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My approach is, if its not on Pressure Tek then Dultmeier.

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That company owns this forum

Spend a few hours every day for Few weeks reading any and every post you can come across on this website BEFORE you spend another dime. Trust me, you’ll be money ahead and save yourself a lot of headaches. Questions like this one shows me you’ve done basically no research so far.
And that isn’t a sarcastic statement…