Replacing a water inlet kit on AAA pump

This is a piece of information that most likely will be of use to newbies to the industry with “sub-par” equipment or even possibly a homeowner who comes on here looking for assistance.

The pump is a AAA Triplex with Power Boost (oh yea, fear the power folks… :sweat_smile:) claiming 4,000 psi and 3.5 gpm, strapped to the Honda GX270 engine and it all came from Home Depot on a DeWalt cart when I first purchased it. The exact same engine and pump are sold with different paint schemed carts such as a Simpson from Lowe’s. I’m fact, my research leads me to believe the AAA pumps are owned by Simpson who is under the FNA parent company.

While on a job this past Saturday morning I noticed that where my water supply line (garden hose) comes into my pressure washer pump I was dumping a tremendous amount of water into the bed of my truck. I suspected that a gasket had gone bad but it wasn’t that simple. The black plastic coated knob that you would screw the supply line into had become defective. The black plastic is molded around a brass? collar and the flange on the collar had apparently been tweaked too much after almost three years of use. The flange was still connected, but only by a strand of brass. After removing my supply line I was able to effortlessly snap the remaining brass strand.

To the internet I flew and after a bit I was able to track down an IPL for the pump and discovered that I could either replace the whole pump assembly, replace the manifold on the side of the pump, or replace the water inlet kit. Being the weekend, of course none of the places I found online that said “IN STOCK” were actually open and could verify their inventory level. Most of the places I had found online where located on the west coast so I waited until 8am their time Monday morning and started dialing down the list. The 4th place I called actually got me to a live person who stated that though their internal inventory system showed not in stock he’d walk back and check the warehouse anyways. Sure enough, he had one kit. I immediately placed my order, requested 2-day shipping and it arrived this evening (Wednesday) around 5:30. Install was quick and painless and other than performing a test run, it’s all back together.

Here’s after I busted the knob off:

Here’s a re-creation of what it looked like before I busted it off:

I didn’t have a large enough allen key but a pair of vise grips helped me get the threaded piece out of the manifold:

The new kit (part number 7110330 in my case) does not include a new o-ring:

I settled on using old threaded piece with o-ring as they both appeared to be in good condition. Reinstalled: