Repeat Customers?

Being start of my 3rd year, i somehow had my first repeat customers both call today to schedule work.

Im going to keep them at the same rate, but prices have gone up a bit since the last time i was at both of them… only talking $20-40 diff. Just curious how yall approach returning customers and rate increases?

If someone is a prior customer they’re locked in with the same price for 10 years for the same service. New service gets a 10% discount no matter what the price is. If a customer refers anyone that does business they get a $50 referral credit.

This morning we did a pool deck that we charged $325 last year for $175.

The $150 in referral credit came from $1200 in work from 3 friends and neighbors.


10-4… thank you.

It’s cheaper to schedule old customers than go out and do estimates on a new customers.


Amen. Hence the discounts and locking in prices.

And if you’re referred by someone else who says how great you are it’s so much better than you going to tell someone how great you are. I can’t remember the last referral from a current customer we didn’t do business with.

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I will definitely do all i can to keep repeat customers.

They are in my immediate area, 3 min from my house, and its a good neighbor for well paying jobs…just got yard signs in this week so good timing on that.