Repair of heater unit

has any repair their heater unit?

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What is it not doing,110v or 12v?

Details will help us help you

12v have no reaction when I turn it on. no spark no heat
I know I need fuel which we have. the light comes on but the burner does not come on.

Is your battery fully charged?


The transformers and ignitors are common problems on 12v systems I would have them checked.

The fuel line could have a blockage, the fuel pump may be bad, the nozzle may be gummed up - quite frankly there’s a ton of things that could be wrong.

It’s important to note how dangerous that transformer is - it’ll give you a nasty shock if you’re not careful. Not to mention, you’re messing with a controlled fire. If something isn’t right, you can have an uncontrolled fire pretty quickly.

Best advice I can give is find a good technician in your area who can get his hands on the machine. Talk to the other pressure washers in the area to find out where there’s a good honest repair tech. A good tech will show you what to look out for and how to do regular maintenance. You’ll learn over time the basic stuff, but having a good technician is a must.

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#1…Ohm or check voltage at on/off switch

#2…Ohm or check voltage at thermostat

#3… Ohm or check voltage at pressure switch

#4… Check igniter

It’s one of the 4

The repairing of heater is not a big issue. Firstly remove all connection than open the it carefully. The leakage or any problem will be visible. Normally there is need of changing the valve or internal wire which should be replaced.